Our history and background (where did we come from)

  • Established to represent the interests of smaller UK operators
  • Grown to now represent any person or organisation in the pyrotechnic sector
  • Up to date with all current & planned legislation relating to pyrotechnics and dangerous goods
  • Over 28 years practical experience in running fireworks companies and delivering public displays
  • A solid background in quality and risk related delivery
  • A wealth of technical experience

What makes Illuminate Consult qualified to work with you?

  • Practical, hands on and approachable style
  • Certified in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser and NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Management
  • Approved by one of the leading insurers in the UK fireworks industry to carry out safety and insurance surveys
  • Approved by insurer underwriters for accident investigation and reporting
  • Approved as court special witness

What can Illuminate Consult deliver for you?

  • Regulatory required knowledge but enhanced with any associated information to be able to practically apply it
  • Tailored training to local authorities, other professional bodies and City councils
  • Help for the new starters, single and small operators who have no other representation and want to do things the right way
  • Subscriber Advice & Guidance service and access to our comprehensive document library
  • Online DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser ) service
Illuminate Consult


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    Date: 19 October 2020
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  • Full CE conformity, 5th July 2017

    Date: 12 March 2017
    BS and CE Fireworks The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010, came into force 4th July 2010 (this included Category F1, F2 and F3 fireworks) excepting part 3 (Category F4 fireworks and... Read more
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  • Peter Shawcross
    The Fireworkers Ltd

    "Well presented in a friendly but formal manner, very professional."

  • Jodie Handlon
    Extra FX

    "Very well presented with layman's terms to help explain the technical jargon."

  • Mark Carlton
    Rock-It Firework Displays

    "Very enjoyable, fulfilling a great need for me and the industry, be lost without you!"

  • Paul Winks
    Highlight Pyrotechnics Ltd

    "Course was fantastic."

  • Geoffrey Gates

    Insurance Experts

    "I was new to fireworks and found it all very informative.....excellent, very professional and easy to listen to and understand - very enjoyable"